Craft Supplies and Tools

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ATG TAPE GUNTweaker's Insight:Smooth, easy to hold and operate. One of the first tools I invested in nearly 30 years ago.
1/2 ATG TAPETweaker's Insight:Glides smoothly, consistently.  
1/4 ATG TAPETweaker's Insight:Glides smoothly, consistently. Great for smaller borders and projects.
SCOTCH QUICK DRY LIQUID GLUETweaker's Insight:It's quick dry ability allows adjustment time as well as quick tack for less fiddling.


ROTARY PAPER CUTTERTweaker's Insight:The rotary cutter is easier to hold paper straight with light pressure from my left hand.
CARL ROTARY REPLACEMENT BLADETweaker's Insight:Removes ink smudges and mishaps.
MISTI STAMPING TOOLTweaker's Insight:Essential for unsteady stamping hands. Perfect stamp every time.
MONO SAND ERASERTweaker's Insight:Removes ink smudges and mishaps.


Silhouette Cutting MatsTweaker's Insight:A little heavier than the standard Silhouette Mat. It's easier to work with on days I need to work with a single hand.


RETRACTABLE POWER STRIPTweaker's Insight:Easy to use, reel, and store. Perfect way to add power to a my craft island.
LAMINATORTweaker's Insight:Great all around use. Protect paper, create stickers, reasonable foiling results.
LAMINATE SHEETSTweaker's Insight:Great all around use. Protect paper, create stickers. Also use for stencil materials.


WATER COLOR PENCILSTweaker's Insight:Water coloring lends itself an imperfection quality easier to accomplish with unstable hands.
WATER COLOR BRUSH PENTweaker's Insight:Perfect brush to work with water color pencils.
WINK OF STELLATweaker's Insight:A clear glitter to easily brush on accents.


Plastic Binding Combs Tweaker's Insight:I prefer these combs as it lets my planner lay open completely flat.
HP Premium  Tweaker's Insight:Bright white, smooth premium paper. Perfect for repositionable stickers, non-bleeding.


Poly BagsTweaker's Insight:I use these bags for my cards when I can allowing customers to open and see the inside.