Craft Supplies and Tools

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ATG TAPE GUNTweaker's Insight:Smooth, easy to hold and operate. One of the first tools I invested in nearly 30 years ago.
1/2 ATG TAPETweaker's Insight:Glides smoothly, consistently.  
1/4 ATG TAPETweaker's Insight:Glides smoothly, consistently. Great for smaller borders and projects.
SCOTCH QUICK DRY LIQUID GLUETweaker's Insight:It's quick dry ability allows adjustment time as well as quick tack for less fiddling.


ROTARY PAPER CUTTERTweaker's Insight:The rotary cutter is easier to hold paper straight with light pressure from my left hand.
CARL ROTARY REPLACEMENT BLADETweaker's Insight:Removes ink smudges and mishaps.
MISTI STAMPING TOOLTweaker's Insight:Essential for unsteady stamping hands. Perfect stamp every time.
MONO SAND ERASERTweaker's Insight:Removes ink smudges and mishaps.


Silhouette Cutting MatsTweaker's Insight:A little heavier than the standard Silhouette Mat. It's easier to work with on days I need to work with a single hand.
Silhouette MintTweaker's Insight:Great product to create logo stamps or annual stamps for cards you make in large batches. Only needs re-inked about every 50ish uses.
We R Foil QuillTweaker's Insight:Great for highlights or sentiments and the Silhouette does the work.
Silhouette Cameo 5Tweaker's Insight:As a user of Cameos for more than 10 years the 5 is the ultimate! It does everything I wished I could do before.
Silhouette Heat Embossing ToolsTweaker's Insight:I loved the Foil Quill, but the Silhouette Heat Pens are easier to work with, no more cords!
Silhouette Embossing ToolsTweaker's Insight:This saves a fair amount of scoring by hand. I look forward to learning to use it in more ways.
Silhouette Electrostatic MatTweaker's Insight:I just got it and am learning. I think it might be another new favorite.


RETRACTABLE POWER STRIPTweaker's Insight:Easy to use, reel, and store. Perfect way to add power to a my craft island.
LAMINATORTweaker's Insight:Great all around use. Protect paper, create stickers, reasonable foiling results.
LAMINATE SHEETSTweaker's Insight:Great all around use. Protect paper, create stickers. Also use for stencil materials.


WATER COLOR PENCILSTweaker's Insight:Water coloring lends itself an imperfection quality easier to accomplish with unstable hands.
WATER COLOR BRUSH PENTweaker's Insight:Perfect brush to work with water color pencils.
WINK OF STELLATweaker's Insight:A clear glitter to easily brush on accents.


Plastic Binding Combs Tweaker's Insight:I prefer these combs as it lets my planner lay open completely flat.
HP Premium  Tweaker's Insight:Bright white, smooth premium paper. Perfect for repositionable stickers, non-bleeding.


Poly BagsTweaker's Insight:I use these bags for my cards when I can allowing customers to open and see the inside.
12X12 PAPER SLEEVESTweaker's Insight:I prefer the open holder concept not struggling with snaps or zippers and flaps that get in the way.Having paper pads stored in these sleeves has reduced my struggle to move them on the shelf. I wish I would have done it sooner.
110 lb cardstockTweaker's Insight:Perfect base card weight.Great for box constructions. 
65 lb cardstockTweaker's Insight:Perfect base card weight when layering. This is my go to most frequently used paper in assorted solid colors.