About Us

I am the Tweaker - this comes from a history of a Mom that did not sleep well for a multitude of life reasons. So I much needed to fill those late night hours with something quiet and meaningful. I also was a full time stay at home mom and did not have endless accounts of money. So my meaningful work had to be inexpensive, intentional and always purposeful. (can you use those words together?) Through the years my growing support would tease and say "oh she was up all night tweaking, again, lol."

My husband became a great make it happen behind the scenes kind of guy which earned him the title "Hillbilly".

Other behind the scenes support include our now grown children which by the way will do nearly any crazy thing I think of for them to do. Or sometimes the kids come to us and say "hey how can i?" and we all 'tweak together'.

So just in case you ever wondered what would happen if A Tweaker married a Hillbilly? The answer over 30 years of crazy, unpredictable, often late at night, insanity. Yielding two uniquely creative in their own way children. And for the rest of you, it created unique one of kind gifts, home décor, personalized cars, the list continues... Love to you all, thanks for stopping by the Tweaking Corner.